Comprehensive Aluminum Welding Services

At Xinxiang Aluminum, we offer a diverse array of aluminum welding services for our core industry and commercial business clients. We utilize high-technology advanced fabrication infrastructure to create custom welded shapes, components and parts. Our design and fabrication professionals carry a considerable experience of handling high-value welding operations for a variety of businesses. We are a China aluminum industry stalwart with state-of-the-art industrial gas-metal-and gas tungsten-arc aluminum welding capabilities.

We are acknowledged as global-level specialists in the field of aluminum extrusion fabrications for upwards of two decades. Parts, components and finished welded products fabricated at our factory reach businesses in various parts of the world. Numerous emerging ,as well as established, business organizations depend on our innovative custom aluminum welding solutions. We have mastered the art of aluminum welding fabrications through combining tried and tested approaches with cutting-edge technology.

Reliable Aluminum Welding Products Manufacturer

Our welding solutions are opted by businesses operating in sectors including the automotive industry, shipbuilding, transportation, defense, shipbuilding, electronics, aerospace, sporting goods, and recreation. We specialize in gaining a deep understanding of custom extruded aluminum welding requirements of each client and delivering accordingly. We create seamless and durable welds with varying specifications of industrial-grade aluminum. Our facilities ensure superior temperature control, error-free welding operations.

We follow stringent procedures to pre-treat aluminum extrusions adequately for welding processes. Right from base metal and filler material selection to preheating, setting angles and performing the actual welding operations, our professionals follow flawless procedures. Since aluminum welding is quite more of an intensive process, we take great care in achieving precise results. Our extruded aluminum welding workflow creates stellar products for a wide range of popular applications. We are well versed in the core technicalities of producing fabrications for a variety of use cases.

High-Quality Custom Aluminum Welding Service Provider

Customization is our area of expertise in regards to voluminous and precise aluminum welding operations. Our experienced custom aluminum fabrication and welding professionals can create unique welded structures. We produce equally commendable results with tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding methods. Regardless of the scale and complexity of your aluminum welding needs, we have got you covered. We are diligent in maintaining the high standards of custom fabrication services.

We are committed to helping our customers obtain benchmark value with the help of our custom welding solutions. Our professionals formulate purpose-specific workflow variations to reduce production costs and time spans while adhering to stringent international quality standards. We invest considerable effort into quality control phases to eliminate any possible welding defects.

Our technical know-how and commitment to achieving fabrication excellence are second to none. The strength of our solutions has helped us win over numerous industrial clients across the globe. Our aluminum profile design and fabrication acumen are valuable for accelerating the growth potential of many businesses.

We are committed to provide an optimal balance of functionality, cost efficiency and longevity through our welding services. Commercial and core industry businesses can consult with us regarding their custom welding parts requirements. Get in touch and request a quote from us.