Aluminum Powder Coated Products Manufacturer

Xinxiang Aluminum caters to the powder coating finish needs of aluminum extrusion and fabrication service clients. We are globally renowned for the exquisite quality of our premium extruded aluminum powder finishes. Our aluminum professionals utilize the highest quality of materials for coating purposes and produce desired extrusion appearances. We are equipped to deliver surface finishes in a wide variety of attractive colors for specific industrial and commercial uses.

Our dedicated China aluminum industry professionals are proficient at creating eye-catching finishes for a great variety of parts, components, welded and assembled custom aluminum products. We are relied upon by numerous core industry and consumer goods product manufacturers worldwide. Our trendy and stylish aluminum powder coat finishes effectively stand the test of time. We cater to businesses hailing from notable industry verticals including electronics, consumer products, automobile, aerospace, defense, architecture, and agriculture. Our finishing capabilities, turnaround time and price quotes are quite hard to match.

Reliable and Efficient Custom Powder Coating Services

We operate highly advanced powder coating machinery at our factory, to match the differing needs of our client base. Apart from selecting the right powder coating substances, our professionals are also stringent regarding effective pretreatment measures. Our experienced workmanship produces stunning and colorful results for all aluminum extruded profiles and parts.

We enable our clients to select from a vast array of finishing colors for their aluminum extrusions. Our powder coating solutions extend to finished appearance varieties including peeled, semi-gloss, high-gloss and fine textures. You can rely on our capability to deliver exact match product finishes in simultaneous batches. Our aluminum fabrication powder coated finishes have incredibly long shelf lives and do not decay easily even with constant UV exposure.

Advanced Powder Coated Finishing Solutions

Our advanced powder coating infrastructure empowers us to push through timeline specific challenges and meet your quality expectations simultaneously. We exhibit the same level of commitment for small or large quantities of finishing orders. Our approach involves the incorporation of environment-friendly and internationally certified aluminum finishing techniques. We employ coating techniques that ensure minimal wear and tear, surface chipping, cracking, scratching, fading, corrosion and abrasion damage.

We invest considerable resources into the steps of chemical pretreatment, wet stripping and sandblast cleaning to prepare materials for powder coating processes. Extruded aluminum profile parts and custom aluminum fabrication pieces get dynamic appearance improvements with our comprehensive powder quoting solutions. We create sturdy and durable finishes which are highly resistant to damaging factors like weather extremes, UV rays, unwanted moisture, chemical exposure, and direct impact.

Our high-quality powder finished aluminum fabrications are in great demand across the commercial industry sectors in Europe, Asia, and North America. We are distinguished from our key competitors through our constant commitment towards maintaining high product quality, fast delivery times and affordable production. You can rely on our experienced professionals for all your powder coating requirements.

Businesses who are seeking comprehensive powder coated finishing solutions for aluminum parts and assemblies can consult with our experts. We provide reasonable price quotes for powder finishes and a range of other fabrication solutions.