Reputed Modular Aluminum Framing Manufacturer

Xinxiang Aluminum specializes in the design and manufacture of premium quality modular aluminum framing products. We produce standard as well as custom aluminum frames in a large variety of shapes and sizes for our worldwide clients. Our cutting edge and highly functional frame designs are utilized by a vast number of consumer and core industrial businesses. We manufacture T slot frames, fasteners, and connectors for advanced framing applications.

Our range of T-slot extruded aluminum frames include 16 series, 20 series, 25 series, 30 series, 40 series, 45 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series and 100 series variants. We also offer a great variety of connectors and fasteners including square nuts, T-nuts, corner brackets, profile sliders, connection screws, corner gussets, T-bolts, hinges, end caps, connection plates, angle connectors, and threaded inserts.

High-Quality Aluminum Framing Material Solutions

We produce highly stylish modular aluminum framing choices for use in applications like sighs, workbenches, shelves, enclosures, tables, carts, and aquarium stands. Our framing materials provide benchmark durability, strength, and resistance against physical impact. We create custom alloy molds of our extrusions for customers with special size, functionality and appearance criteria. Our testing infrastructure and quality testing methods are in place for detecting any issues with our frame options.

We supply frames, fasteners, and connectors which adhere to most international quality certification standards. Our aluminum fabrication and manufacturing factory is a consistent manufacturer and supplier of custom aluminum frames for our esteemed clients across Europe, North America, Asia, and China. We have distinguished ourselves from our closest competitors based on our innovative design and manufacture services.

Reliable Aluminum Extruded Framing Manufacturing Services

We are well established in using contemporary aluminum extrusion manufacturing and molding technology to achieve constructions with high tensile strength and low weight. Businesses who belong to more technically advanced sectors with sophisticated use cases rely on our custom molding acumen. We are equally accomplished when it comes to bulk production of both standardized varieties or need-specific custom ones.

Our team comprises of certified China aluminum industry professionals with substantial experience. We are always equipped to take on new design and molding challenges, to create unique and high-functionality framing options. Our professionals are habituated in using the most cutting-edge technology to create intricate design variations suitable for a great variety of use cases.

Every piece of T-slot frames, nuts, brackets, and other attachments deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Tools manufactured by us help numerous heavy industries accelerate their day to day operations with ease. We have crafted a healthy reputation over the years as a renowned aluminum profile framing materials manufacturer.

We can create your special design requirements within remarkably brief time spans, and deliver unmatched quality simultaneously. Our friendly manufacturing rates set us apart from the crowd of China aluminum industry parts producers. We provide assistance to all clients looking for consultations regarding their specific framing parts requirements.

Business owners who are seeking cost-friendly services for extruded aluminum framing materials can rely on our solutions. We can give you a favorable price quote for premium quality products.