Leading Aluminum Solar Panel Frame Manufacturer

At Xinxiang Aluminum, we specialize in the design and manufacture of modern solar panel frames constructed from premium grade aluminum alloy. We are innovators in the renewable energy materials space with several decades of practical design experience. Our aluminum profile solar panel frame options are designed to aptly support and protect glass solar frames. We are globally renowned manufacturers of quality-tested durable frames and cater to a great number of new energy industry organizations.

Our solar panel frame design innovation guarantees the best results in terms of ensuring panel stability, performance, and protection. As a widely respected aluminum fabrication company, we are evolving into the solar energy materials space. We acknowledge the new energy sector as fast evolving, and have geared up to eliminate challenges with solar energy in particular. Our professionals craft heavy-duty frames that withstand environmental moisture, corrosive agents and even physical damage. We are committed to ensuring full-scale security for solar panel variations with our high-tech frames.

Advanced Technology Solar Panel Frame Manufacturing

We utilize the highest grade of aluminum alloys including 6063 and 6061 to craft our durable extruded aluminum solar frame panels. Apart from guaranteeing remarkable corrosion resistance and protection against oxidation, we ensure that our frames also offer high tensile strength. Our products can protect panels during all types of weather extremes, including rain and snow. We supply frames with ample conductive prowess to protect against lighting. Our specially-crafted frames are built to last.

Our efforts in the custom aluminum solar panel frame sector are helping to push the renewable energy industry to newer heights. We are relied upon by several distinguished solar power products manufacturers and assemblers globally. Our range of aluminum frames easily withstand weather extremities and offer landmark insulation for battery and glass components. Our entire design and customization process revolves around ease of use and optimal functionality. We are unique in our approach of custom frames design.

Custom and Standard Aluminum Solar Panel Frame Solutions

We supply custom extruded aluminum frames with edge tapers for facilitating easy water flow out. In addition, our overall design and finishing activities ensure a seamless appearance relative to the panels. Our frames offer benchmark energy efficiency, which leads to considerable savings during operation. We offer a number of size variations, based on some of the most common solar panel sizes. Anodized aluminum is one of our preferred choices for solar panel manufacturing, as it offers various options.

We can offer highly competitive bulk rates for aluminum solar panel frames, irrespective of your demands of customization or quantity. Our technically sophisticated China aluminum manufacturing infrastructure and strict quality testing measures ensure customers get only the highest standard of frames. We continue to supply high-quality frames to our satisfied global network of business organizations.

New energy businesses, assemblers or retailers who are looking for high-quality and durable aluminum solar panel frames can get in touch with our professionals. We can meet your standardized or custom aluminum profile requirements and offer a cost-friendly quote.