Aluminum Assembly Service Provider

Xinxiang Aluminum provides wide-ranging aluminum assembly solutions for a great number of industrial and commercial clients. We utilize state of the art large-scale infrastructure to create assemblies of extruded aluminum parts and components. Our aluminum fabrication professionals are adept at performing fast and flawless assembling of products and component sections. We work with several types of industrial-grade aluminum profiles for creating custom assembly products for our customers.

Assembly is one of our key functions along with custom and standard extrusion manufacturing and custom fabrication services. We can create your desired individual components, and assemble them in-house, as part of a continuous seamless workflow. Our China aluminum factory professionals are experts in the technicalities of assembling various distinct finished product systems. We adopt flexible product assembly approaches based on the varying project-based needs of our clients.

Experienced Aluminum Assembly Professionals

We are seasoned specialists in the domain of product assembly and known for our attention to the most minute details. Our professionals can ensure benchmark durability and strength of welded and assembled products. We are committed to adhering to specific custom aluminum product assembly guidelines to maintain the consistency and quality of products. Our modern infrastructure and technically proficient workflow ensure the best results for each client. We produce and supply assemblies from high-quality rust and corrosion resistant aluminum. Products supplied by us are quite low maintenance and

Our objectives are simple when it comes to providing assembly services matching the high expectations of our clients. We form lightweight and durable extruded aluminum assemblies with high tensile strength to ensure robust performance. Our professionals continually supply assembled aluminum products for industry sectors including transportation, automobile, aerospace, construction, shipping, hospitality, healthcare, electronics, furniture, commercial and consumer goods. Our vast range of assembly methods combines fluent manual and automated processes.

Quality Tested Assembly Products Manufacturer

Our innovative aluminum fabrication methods stick to predetermined international and regional product standards. You can always expect the highest quality of aluminum fabrication assembly service from us, regardless of your time and cost limitations. We have become integral supply chain accelerators for a large number of fabrication-powered industries. Our assembled aluminum products meet the core requirements of clients. We use premium quality angles, brackets, nuts, frames and joints during our assembly operations. As a leading China aluminum industry company, our solutions are in great demand.

Apart from offering standardized internationally certified custom aluminum assembly products solutions, we can handle client-specific requirements with equal proficiency. We are relied upon by core industry organizations and commercial businesses across the globe, with many clients throughout Europe, North America, China, and Asia. Our dedicated group of aluminum fabrication specialists contributes significantly to the product assembly needs of notable industry-leading organizations. We stand apart from our competitors in terms of design integrity, quality of finishes and fast turnaround times.

If you are interested in availing our cutting-edge industrial assembly solutions, get in touch with our professionals. We can provide reasonable price quotes and remarkably fast delivery times for assembled products.