What is LED Aluminum Profile?

LED aluminum profile is also called aluminum LED strip housing, aluminum LED channels or LED covers, they are utilized for encasing and protecting light fittings from any form of damage. Aluminum LED profile is also suitable for controlling the intensity and reflectivity of LED strip lights. They create a premium and elegant look within any indoor space. Light strips require protection from dirt, dust and physical damage. Encasing LED strip lights with aluminum housing is a sure shot way of protecting the light components.

Many advantages of using LED aluminum profiles

  • They offer a great level of protection to LED aluminum profile strip lighting fittings.
  • LED strip light channels made from aluminum profiles are quite lightweight in nature.
  • Aluminum used for light channel extrusions has a better strength to weight ratio than stainless steel.
  • Aluminum LED channel profiles are quite resistant to cold temperatures and thus suitable for industrial lighting.
  • Aluminum LED housings have excellent light reflectivity and create a sleek appearance.
  • LED profiles constructed with aluminum has a high ability to resist corrosion.

Standard and Custom LED Aluminum Profile Manufacturer

Xinxiang Aluminum is a distinguished LED aluminum profile manufacturer and supplier based in China and catering to numerous basic and consumer industry businesses worldwide. Our team of extruded aluminum manufacturing professionals is adept at producing standardized shape and size variations of LED profiles for lighting applications. We can design and mold custom profiles to suit your exact application requirements.

Our experience in the aluminum profile making industry is reflected through the quality, performance and sophisticated finished appearances of our products. Our aluminum profile variations are crafted to match popular standardized use cases or custom design specifications of our global clients. We create highly durable, lightweight and stylish custom aluminum LED profiles and perform preferred finishes based on customer requirements. Our design principles enable us to facilitate optimal weight per meter value of profiles.

We offer mill finish, anodized and powder coated colored finishes depending on the desired nature of appearance, we cut and shape aluminum profiles into a great variety of shapes and custom sizes. For applications such as cabinet lighting, cove lighting and concealed LED lights, we can provide a great range of solutions. Our durable LED aluminum profiles are known to last longer and prevent any form of damage to lighting fixtures. We created extruded profiles which enable effective heat dissipation and protection of components from excess moisture.

Our extruded aluminum manufacturing teams take utmost care during each step of design, production and cutting to ensure flawless product quality. We manufacture LED profiles which are easy to install, clean and maintain. Crafted from highly durable aluminum alloy, they are ideal for all levels of usage. We are equally proficient and capable of producing both standard and custom profile extrusions. We can meet your specifications of custom length, thickness, appearance and finish effortlessly.

Business owners who are seeking affordable and timely LED aluminum profile manufacturing solutions can get in touch with our experts. Inform us regarding your custom aluminum design requirements and finishing preferences. Feel free to request a quote from us.