High-quality Aluminum Extruded Heatsink & Bonded Fins Heatsinks Manufacturer

Xinxiang Aluminum is a China leading aluminum heatsink manufacturer with an extensive range of heatsink varieties, which including extruded heatsinks and bonded fins heatsinks used in applications like power modules, electronics devices and many other cooling systems.

As a China aluminum industry expert, we manufacture and supply high-quality standard and custom design heatsink extrusions for our worldwide clientele, the maximum width of the flat back of the heatsinks we extrude can up to 600mm. Our aluminum heatsinks are crafted by highly experienced professionals utilizing state of the art architecture, their skill and manufacturing innovation enables us to produce lightweight and durable heatsink options for industrial and commercial applications. We are custom mold creation specialists and can perform additional machining based on requirements.

What is aluminum heatsink?

A heatsink is a metal designed to absorb and disperse heat away from a hot surface. Precisely, a heatsink is a thermal conductor and functions in the similar fashion. Aluminum and its alloys are used as the most common heatsink material but only next to copper. However, the price ranges of copper products is a setback and this is replaced by the aluminum heatsinks.

Every electrical and an electronic unit within a circuit generates little amount of heat while it is operating. A heatsink as told is a thermal conductor, which can disperse the heat generated and we ace at providing the best ones. With increased internal temperatures, they are very much needed everywhere. Here is some information about the heatsinks.

They are widely finding use in the electronic devices including the computer’s processing unit. They are required to dissipate unwanted heat circulating from the rest of the computer. We excel at providing high performance aluminum heatsinks that can act as reliable components for industrial groups.

Heatsinks in general are known to have inbuilt fans, that can help in adjusting the air and heat flow within a system. We are capable in designing and manufacturing the heatsinks based on the structure of your cooling systems to make a right fit for you.

Aluminum heatsinks include extruded heatsinks and bonded fins heatsinks. They are shaped differently and have their own advantages.

Extruded Aluminum Heatsinks

Extruded aluminum is the most operational and cost effective process for shaping aluminum. Obviously, extruded heatsinks can usually help the designers achieve cost effective component to use. Extruded heatsinks are strong, light weight and durable, these excellent properties make the heat dissipation function very stable in their applications.

As an experienced aluminum extruder, we know how to make high fin density of the heatsinks to achieve better performance, we also know how to help our customers design their heatsinks when they need our assistance. We have numerous open tooling for heatsink extrusions with different sizes. Our customers can purchase raw extrusions cut to lengths or finished heatsink units from us. If you are looking for our existent heatsink tooling list instead of investing a custom one, feel free to send an email to contact us.

Bonded Fins Heatsinks

Bonded fins heatsink is a good supplement to our product lines. Comparing with extruded heatsinks, it is more easy to make higher fin density and more efficient heatsinks in bonded way. The customers don’t need to invest the cost in the tooling and it makes the designer more flexible in size design.

Customers can provide their own measurement specifications and modify parameters like base thickness, base size, fin numbers, attachment and pin positions. Regardless of your custom aluminum heatsink demands, our professionals are ready to deliver. We also offer several finish options including anodized, mill finish, and powder coated.

If you are an industrial or commercial equipment business owner looking for quality aluminum heatsink options, we have got you covered. Get in touch with us for attractive heatsink price quotes.