Comprehensive Aluminum Tube Manufacturing Services

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of aluminum tubes in a round, square and rectangular varieties. We produce high-quality standardized aluminum alloy tubes in various lengths, thicknesses, and diameters to suit the needs of a wide range of industries. Our professionals also design and manufacture custom aluminum tubes based on the specific requirements of business organizations. Our square, round and rectangular tubes are engineered with the highest standard of durable aluminum alloy. We are a leading China aluminum profile, extrusion and fabrication expert.

Our company utilizes 6061, 6063 and 6005 aluminum alloys for the manufacturing of a vast range of tubes. We supply our extruded aluminum tubes for clients operating in the industrial as well as consumer products business sectors. Our design and production professionals utilize our cutting-edge in-house infrastructure and advanced design principles to create highly-durable tube options for your designated applications. We can provide the assurance of delivering aluminum tubes and extrusion products customized to your every last specification.


Round Aluminum Tubes

Our round aluminum alloy tubes offer noteworthy tensile strength and durability and can be implemented effortlessly in a great number of industrial and non-industrial applications. Our aluminum fabrication specialists produce a large array of standard round tube sizes, incorporating widely used combinations of length, inner and outer diameter from 8 to 500mm, and finishes. Whether you are seeking standardized options in minimal or bulk quantities, or require custom sizes we can address your needs with precision.


Square and Rectangular Aluminum Tubes

We design, mold and manufacture a great number of square and rectangular extruded aluminum tubes for industrial and commercial usage. Our flexible production workflow and instant mold creation capability help us create custom-design tubes with acute precision. Our company is a large-scale supplier of rectangular and square aluminum tubes, we can cut and deliver the tubes in any desired custom size for our customers at very favourable prices.


Reliable Aluminum Tube Solutions Provider

Creating custom aluminum tube molds is an area of specialization for us. We bear an ISO-9001 international certification as the mark of our quality. We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of both standard and custom aluminum tubes, with core experience of over two decades. Our round, rectangle and square tubing products are relied upon by for numerous businesses across Europe, North America, China and all parts of the world. As China aluminum products industry veterans, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the highest quality of parts at remarkably competitive prices.

We stand apart from our competitors in the domain of aluminum tubing and related products. Our contribution to this industry over the last few decades has been indispensable due to a loyal base of customers. We have also taken aluminum fabrication works on the tube products to a new level of ingenuity with our solutions.

We continually cater to the growing need for tubing materials for our global client base. Businesses ranging from sectors including electronics, automotive, new energy, agriculture, and consumer goods utilize our high-quality aluminum tubes.

If you are a business organization seeking custom aluminum round, square or rectangular tube solutions, get in touch with us.