Extruded Aluminum Motor Housing Manufacturer

Xinxiang Aluminum is an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of high-grade extruded aluminum motor housing options for a vast range of industrial applications. Our aluminum motor housing extrusions are produced from the highest quality of aluminum alloys to facilitate high performance. We specialize in designing and manufacturing lightweight custom aluminum housing variations with high elasticity values. Our design engineers and extrusion professionals collaborate effectively to create stellar housing products with ample tensile strength, superior heat distribution, and optimal dissipation capabilities.

We supply standardized aluminum motor housing options and also manufacture custom aluminum profile housings based on specific client requirements. Our engineers are proficient at coming up with design breakthroughs to enable hassle-free housing of your motor parts. Each of our motor housing options is built to generate maximum operational efficiency and curb energy loss. We can design and extrude motor housings with up to 500 mm circle sizes. Additional machining can be performed on the products if requested by our clients.

Renowned Manufacturer of Extruded Aluminum Motor Housing Options

As a leading China aluminum products manufacturing powerhouse, we are continual suppliers of different varieties for businesses across multiple industry sectors. Our motor housings are preferred by market-leading organizations in various sectors including automobiles, electronics, precision machinery, instruments, smart CARDS, automation, sensors, and industrial control. We are always equipped to meet your quality and quantity expectations with unmatched precision.

We guarantee effortless integration and compatibility of our extruded aluminum profile housing variations in applications like gear motors, electric motors, electric power tool motors, air compressor motors, cooling tower machines, electro-tricycle motors, negative pressure blowers, environmental AC motors, micromotors, and water cooled air conditioning motors. Our standard and custom-design extruded aluminum motor housing solutions are finding usage in emerging industry sectors like new energy.

High-Quality Aluminum Motor Housing Solutions

Our manufacturers incorporate high-quality surface finishes for generating polished appearances and ensuring lesser roughness. We follow design and housing construction methods to facilitate a great level of resistance against potential corrosive factors. Customers who use our specially-crafted custom housings can experience lesser noise during motor operation. Our extruded custom aluminum housings are engineered to offer the best possible level of protection for internal machine components. We utilize industrial-grade alloys due to their material density and low porous nature. Our design engineers continue to lead the way in regards to implementing sophisticated extrusion manufacturing innovations.

We perform strict quality testing methods during multiple production stages to seek out any possible engineering defects. Every single motor housing leaving our factory floor is rigorously passed through our QC measures and approved by our professionals. We are perpetually focused on maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction with all our offerings, including heavy-duty extrusions and aluminum fabrication choices. At Xinxiang, our aluminum extruded motor housing manufacturing team is committed to meeting all your design specifications with aplomb.

If you are a business owner who requires high-quality extruded aluminum motor housing solutions, we can help you out. Our company offers highly competitive price quotes for customized and standard aluminum parts.