Aluminum Anodizing Service Provider

Xinxiang Aluminum provides comprehensive aluminum anodizing solutions for various categories of extruded aluminum products and fabrications. We create attractive anodized finish layers on individual and assembly parts at our China aluminum factory. Our professionals utilize sophisticated automated anodizing infrastructure to achieve optimal results for clients. We are reliable aluminum extrusion and fabrication anodizing finish partners for numerous industries.

Our high-quality anodized finishes prolong the average lifespans of most extruded aluminum profiles while reducing the need for intensive maintenance. We offer solutions for effectively reducing damage from rusting and corrosion causing factors. Our in-house anodizing facility enables the use of precise and state-of-the-art techniques for best results. We are equally proficient in delivering hard coated, bright dip, mill finish and other internationally accepted anodizing standards.

Advanced Anodized Finishing Solutions Provider

Our experience of several decades helps us instantly identify the most relevant anodizing methods based on product variations and characteristics. We are always equipped to create your preferred anodized finish, and even recommend ideal ones. Our professionals form sturdy oxide layers that ensure prolonged durability, preserves aluminum profile appearance and protects the underlying extrusion material. Many of our extrusion manufacture and fabrication clients prefer anodizing finishes over other alternatives.

We incorporate computer-controlled anodized finish methods in order to eliminate any chance of human errors. Our professionals are diligent in initiating and monitoring bulk and individual anodizing processes. We specialize in a range of activities including sulfuric, custom coated, hard anodized, clear coating, and close tolerance coating anodizing. Our anodized parts and components offer benchmark performance and durability for advanced industrial applications.

Custom Anodizing Solutions for Industrial Applications

Every step of our anodized aluminum coating process is performed under strict supervision for best results. Right from cleaning of unwanted materials, to pretreating finishes specifically, to the integral anodizing process, we maintain the same level of consistency. Our China aluminum fabrication specialists are also adept at integral and electrolytic coloring processes. We can create stellar finishes to match your custom specifications. At Xinxiang, we are innovators with who believe in achieving sleek and professional anodized solutions.

Anodized finishes from us maintain their shine and appearance for long time spans and offer a high level of protection for extruded aluminum profiles. Apart from industrial aluminum fabrication applications, our anodized finishes find use in various commercial and household furnishing options. We cater our finishing services to industries like automobiles, electronics, engineering, aerospace, healthcare, shipping, agriculture, consumer goods, architecture, and construction.

As an ISO 9001 certified China aluminum service provider, we are invaluable to our long-term clients. Customer satisfaction is the only priority for us, which is fulfilled through our cost-efficient and timely services. We can deliver on all your custom extrusion anodizing requirements. Clients who avail our manufacturing and fabrication solutions opt for our fast and reliable custom aluminum anodizing solutions.

If you are a business owner in the industrial and commercial sectors, get in touch with our experts for tailor-made solutions. We can give you reasonable quotes for our comprehensive range of anodizing services.