Standard Aluminum Profile Manufacturer in China

Xinxiang Aluminum is a noteworthy name in the arena of standard aluminum profile manufacturing and supply. As a reputed China aluminum industry business, we continually produce a range of high grade standardized extruded aluminum profiles. Our experienced professionals use the best quality and type of aluminum alloys to design and produce sturdy profiles. We are consistent suppliers of standard as well as custom profiles for a vast number of industrial organizations worldwide.

Our skilled and well-trained professionals possess considerable technical skill and decades of combined experience in aluminum profile manufacturing. The ingenuity of our design, molding and production processes make the difference for us. Extrusions created at our China aluminum factory find use in great many consumer and core industry related applications. Some of the most common profiles manufactured by us include T-type profiles, corner profiles, rods, U-type profiles, strips, round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes.

Acclaimed China Aluminum Manufacturing Organization

Our commitment to achieving excellence extends to all areas, ranging from selection and use of aluminum alloys to cutting, molding, and fabrication. We stand apart from the large crowd of competitors with our highly competitive pricing models and the intrinsic quality of our end products. We are trusted by a great number of businesses, hailing from an even more diverse selection of business sectors. Our strength as a China aluminum products supplier boils down to our dependability and consistency. We guarantee perfection with our manufacturing services, regardless of order quantities and timeline constraints.

We lend our proven expertise to the selection of suitable alloy materials, standardized shapes and sizes. Profiles manufactured at our factory are of the highest quality. Our team of seasoned aluminum industry professionals put in significant efforts to ascertain the quality of every single extrusion leaving our factory floor. We are equipped to meet the rising demands of bulk aluminum profile supply around the world. Our loyal client base stretches to all corners of the world. Some of our esteemed regular buyers belong to industry verticals like automotive, telecommunications, renewable energy, mass transit, electronics, and bridge decking, among others.

Reliable Aluminum Profile Extrusion Services

Ongoing research and development actions help us scale new breakthroughs in respect to refining manufacturing, custom aluminum molding, and finishing methods. We are always dedicated to achieve utmost customer satisfaction with every single order. Many of our clients find what they are looking for among our vast array of extrusion options. Yet, we are prepared to instantly process requests for additional machining, finishing, and fabrication. Whether its aluminum fabrication or extrusion creation, we are renowned worldwide for all our services.

Our proficiency is evident in both standardized and custom extruded aluminum manufacturing. We ensure optimal corrosion resistance, weight per meter values, and adherence to all modern international quality standards. Our factory specializes in powder coating, anodized and mill finishes for standardized and custom aluminum extrusion profiles.

If you are an industrial or commercial business owner who requires standard aluminum profiles, get in touch with us and specify your requirements. We can give you a budget-friendly quote on premium quality alloy profiles.