High-quality Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

Xinxiang Aluminum is a globally renowned aluminum heat sink maker with an extensive portfolio of heat sink varieties. Our extruded aluminum heat sinks are crafted by highly experienced professionals utilizing state of the art architecture. As a China aluminum industry expert, we manufacture and supply high-quality standard and custom design heat sink extrusions for our worldwide clientele. Our skill and manufacturing innovation enables us to produce lightweight and durable heat sink options for industrial and commercial applications. We are custom mold creation specialists and can perform additional machining based on requirements.

Custom and Standard Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Solutions

We use premium grade aluminum 6303 alloy for the construction of our heat sinks, and allow our clients to specify alternative materials of their choice. Our professionals utilize T6 for the tempering process of standard and custom heat sink varieties. We are known for our attention to detail, as we put in all efforts to perfectly meet our clients’ design and finish specifications. Our aluminum fabrication and molding expertise extend to creating high fin density heat sinks for accelerated cooling performance.

Our portfolio of heat sinks includes conventional variants such as flat wide, round, oval, and branching shapes. Clients can provide their own measurement specifications and modify parameters like base thickness, base size, fin numbers, attachment and pin positions. Regardless of your custom aluminum heat sink demands, our professionals are ready to deliver. We also offer several finish options including anodized, mill finish, and powder coating our extruded aluminum sinks.

Experienced Global Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

At our factory, we are consistently focussed on creating well-designed heat sinks that offer optimal thermal conductivity. Our aluminum production workflow comprises of multiple levels of quality checks, to ensure customers receive the best possible quality of products. We are a reliable custom aluminum parts supplier for industrial organizations across all parts of the globe. Our heat sinks are built for intensive prolonged usage and can deliver a high level of performance at all times.

We are committed to offering high-grade heat sink variations within reasonable price points and client specified timelines. Our rich China aluminum industry experience spanning several decades facilitates unmatched design, functionality, and appearance. Key use cases of our aluminum profile heat sinks are custom LED lighting, electrical equipment, new energy vehicles, automotive applications, PCBs and circuit boards.

Utilizing our expertly crafted heat sinks in your day to day industrial applications can produce benchmark performance, and give you freedom from any overheating or inefficiency issues.
Our heat sinks are known for their high corrosion resistance and can operate under all conditions. Each of our sinks is great at drawing out heat from your mechanical and electrical system components. As renowned aluminum fabrication professionals, we have pioneered the design, appearance and efficiency aspects, and use diligent quality control measures.

If you are an industrial or commercial equipment business owner looking for quality aluminum heat sink options, we have got you covered. Get in touch with us for attractive heat sink price quotes.